Foster Love Cville


Isaiah 58:10

Can you identify one person or event that had a positive effect on your life?  My Grandma was that person.  Without her love, guidance, and mentorship, I don’t know that I would be who I am today.  She was my light in the darkness.

Consider our foster children.  They are pulled out of harmful or neglectful situations and are expected to thrive.  So much of their development occurs in the younger years, that when goals aren’t met, it will negatively affect them throughout their lives.  While our mission appears small, it is significant.  The note you write them may be just the reminder they need, that they are important.  How amazing would it be, if we could get together as a community and support our struggling children? We have the unique ability to be their light in the darkness.

Below, I have attached some links for our local ministry.  Facebook is a great resource for getting up to date information.  Please “like” and consider sharing the page.  More eyes on it, means more potential people to help keep this mission successful.

Foster Love Cville Facebook page


For less crowds, but the same goodies as the Journey Bags, use our Amazon wish list .  This list supports Foster Love Cville specifically!


Shopping Lists:  I underestimated the enthusiasm for the initial Journey Bag drive. If you feel called to provide a bag, but a tag wasn’t available, you’ll find shopping lists Here.


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