Did you know when a child enters foster care a trash bag is used ? A TRASH BAG!!!! That is unacceptable .  Our kids are worth more than trash bags! So, for very little cost, you can show a child they are loved and not forgotten.  Perhaps you feel called to help, but feel that taking on a foster child is too difficult at this time.  This is an easy way to brighten a child’s outlook.  Consider picking up these simple, but meaningful things while you are doing your holiday shopping! A good bag can be done for around $80.  Consider splitting the cost with a friend/ coworker/ family member in order to help with the cost if the price is too steep.  Donations are also accepted!  Other needs are posted on the Foster Love Ministry  Amazon wish list.   100% of donations go towards the children.

A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I loved you, so you must love one another.

John 13:34

Several things to keep in mind:

  • Use new backpacks or diaper bags and items
  • Do not use items with business logos
  • The backpacks or diaper bags should have zippers instead of drawstrings!
  • Please do not include food!
  • Place toiletry items in a sealed ziplock bag
  • You can choose to fill a bag for a BoyGirl
  • Mark the gender and clothing size on a tag and attach it to the bag!
  • Add an encouraging note to the foster parents and child.
  • *For Charlottesville donations, please don’t include a Bible.  Charlottesville is an inclusive community and it would be a challenge to meet the needs of all the religions.  Your encouraging note is a great place to provide uplifting passages.  Gender neutral may be a great option for our smaller needs in Charlottesville.  We are currently addressing the needs of the city of Charlottesville, which is approximately 60 kids per year, however, all donations will be utilized.

All ages are needed.  Click the links below to print a shopping list!


0-3 Month Bag

3-6 Month Bag

6-9 Month Bag

9-12 Month Bag

18-24 Month Bag

2T Bag

3T Bag

4T Bag

Size 5/6 bag

Size 7/8 Bag

Size 10/12 Bag

Size 14/16 Bag

Ages 13+ Bag